I can still remember the distinct smell of Aleppo’s traditional soap, that was always available at our family’s apartment back in Syria.

The production of this natural, handmade soap goes way back for more than a thousand year which reflects the ancient history of the civilization for that region.

In this work, fifteen kilos of authentic soap pieces are carried from Aleppo and then carved into the shape of a Russian assault rifle, the Ak-47, or as it is known as among its users the Kalashnikov. This notoriously famous assault rifle is the most popular gun in the war raging in Syria.

this work presents the soap as a substance able to dissolve and change the shape of the gun until to disappear and the great civilization for that region which is able to overcome and erase the brutality and effects of the war in the future.


size: 40 x 94 x 4.5cm