Der Rote Tunnel / 2016

Work in Progress (Photos are virtual)


Der Rote Tunnel a project for Bad Saarow in Brandenburg-Germany collaboration with Weißensee kunsthochschule


Der Rote Tunnel is a huge tube in the middle of the swamp area in Bad Saarow. This artwork will be realized with an inflatable technique. The project reflects the contradiction between our modern lifestyle in the city which got faster in movements, meanwhile, the life in other environments slows down, gets calm and leaves a lot of space to move. The field and the space around the tunnel are lacking warm color and the overall hue is green. The red and the green are complementary colors, which are especially dynamic and pleasing to the eye when used together. This is because of different types of cones perceiving different colors of light (the photoreceptor cells in our eyes contribute to color vision).

Visitors will be able to experience the work by walking through the Tunnel and watch the landscape from inside.